Monday, February 28, 2011

Documents on their way to Toni

This afternoon I drove over to Twin, made copies of the two documents that Toni needs there in AbbyLand to proceed with our adoption process and headed for the post office. A fellow-adoptive Dad is leaving this coming Saturday for that fair country and his wife, Elizabeth, has so graciously volunteered him to hand-deliver our paperwork to Toni. All I have to do is get those papers to them in Minnesota beforehand. As you can imagine this is a huge blessing financially when compared to the cost of shipping overseas.

When I first entered the post office, there was a long line at the desk but no line at all at the Automated Postal Service machine. Oh rats! I'd left my debit card in the car. I ran back outside, grabbed the card and hurried back in (I was trying to get home in time to pick up Scheri from school) By then the APS machine was in use. When it was my turn, I nabbed the appropriate flat rate envelope, plopped my stuff on the scale to be weighed, punched in the zip code and then found out that since I wasn't mailing to a PO address the recipients would have to pick the pkg up at the post office. (Duh! What was I thinking!) And I would have to attach some kind of notice to the envelope informing them of that fact. Well, I couldn't find the form at the self-help desk, was not at all interested in participating in the long line, and besides, I'm sure Elizabeth and her husband do not need another task added to their "to do" list the day before flying internationally.

So I headed back to the car, zipped to the nearby Business Center and opted for Fed-Ex. They could get my papers to the necessary destination for $6 cheaper and one day faster. Can't beat that!!

Is it possible that I have completed the last piece of adoption paperwork?? Sounds too good to be true. I did have to call the school and have them tell Scheri to just walk home.

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  1. Tom and I are honored to help :o)