Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hotels, Phone number, etc.

Today (well technically yesterday since it's now after midnight) Toni sent us an email letting us know what hotels we will be staying at in each city we will be visiting: the capital city and Abby's town. Also she sent us her cell phone number.

Here are a couple prayer requests: (1) health for our whole family. Both Caleb and Steven are on Amoxicillin for ear infections and most of the rest of us have colds. I DO NOT want to be sick when we travel. For one thing, the fluid gets in my ears on take-off and landing and really, really hurts. And of course, I don't want us to make our new little girl sick. (2) Also please pray for my attitude. I have been feeling really overwhelmed with all the details of getting ready to go. Our second babysitter's father passed away a week ago. She is still willing to help take care of our children but I know this is a huge strain. And then there's all the paperwork to get together FOR the babysitters so they can care for our kids. All day I have been incredibly grumpy and right now I just feel numb


  1. Praying for all of you, and especially for your intentions.

  2. At least you have time this adoption. I remember when you were scrambling and you didn't have time to feel glum. I had 2 weeks to plan our entire trip and it was the 2 weeks before Christmas. What a ride that was.

    Prayers for health, peace, and focus are being offered up for you, friend. I'm so excited!!!

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