Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Little Boys and Surgery

On Thursday, Feb 24, Steven and Caleb were scheduled for surgery: tonsils and adenoids for Stephen along with replacement of ear tubes; tonsils and adenoids for Caleb. Here they are in their jammies about 6:15 am in the hospital registration area. They were quite happy about picking up grandma and going to see the doctor.

Here they are in their hospital PJs and name bands. I was so pleased with how kind all the staff were to our boys and so happy they could both wait on the same stretcher.

Here's my Mom. I am so, so, so glad she offered to go with me. I can't imagine what I was thinking when I thought I could take them by myself.
I couldn't resist shots of their adorable little piggies.

CALEB WANTED GLOVES. He asked and asked and asked and asked until some soul finally gave him some--and a pair for Steven as well.

Here's Caleb alone in the bed after Steven had already been taken to surgery. He worked on his coloring book for a good 4-5 minutes or so.

Caleb and Grandma
Caleb wearing his "funny hat"
Here are both boys in recovery--not nearly so smiley and chipper, of course. It broke my heart to hear them cry and cry. I felt like such a mean, awful mother. Steven was crying loudly but was able to rest somewhat after a dose of pain medicine. Caleb was especially pitiful because he almost never cries and even here he was trying very hard not to make a sound--literally trying to hold the sobs back with a towel. He was also sounding pretty croupy so received a couple breathing treatments and humidified blow-by oxygen to loosen up his airway. Both ended up being put on another round of Amoxicillin--Steven because of the gunk in his ears and Caleb because of the gunk in his airway.
Here are the boys being wheeled out of Same Day Surgery in a wagon.

On Friday, a sweet lady from our church named Pat brought each of the boys a tiger; a play phone that doubled as a stash of candy; M & M's; and a Pez dispenser.
Steven almost always tries to pose with his chin way up in the air. I called him on it, he laughed and put his chinny-chin-chin down where it belonged.

While the boys were sporting cowboy hats (as a reward for drinking liquids), Mr. James had to get in on the fun. (School was definitely a struggle for him on Friday--too much going on all around him.)

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