Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paperwork and More Paperwork

As is the case every time that Kevin and I prepare to leave the country, there are all kinds of papers that must be updated and printed off for the baby-sitters: daily routine, rules of the house and medication schedules, for example. Then there are the temporary guardianship papers to fill out (times 6) and the will to be updated as well. Honestly, I'm kind of proud of myself for starting nearly two weeks in advance rather than the usual last-minute (yes, I have hand-written a will on the way to the airport before.)

Besides all these, I've been working on Caleb's 3rd annual report for the Ukrainian consulate in San Francisco. This involves compiling a bunch of pictures taken in the last year (I usually get very carried away on this requirement-10 pages of photos so far!) as well as filling out a four-page form: biographical info, medical updates, personality, new accomplishments, eating and sleeping habits; likes and dislikes; interaction with immediate family; acceptance by extended family; additional comments. I love bragging on his progress but it all takes time.

And I've been working on our on-line income taxes as well--whenever we get a tax document in the mail or email, I've been plugging its info into the right spot in the tax program

Just tonight I created a masterpiece. It is simply a Word document called "notes to self." Whenever I think of something that pertains to our trip, I've started jotting it down on that page. My usual tendency is to write these important tidbits on whatever scrap of writing surface I can find close by (back of envelope, front of notebook, , blank deposit slip, even palm of my hand) and then the priceless papers get misplaced or I dare to wash my hands--and I'm in trouble. But surely I shouldn't be able to lose the entire computer!!

It's 2:03 am. I have had way too many of these late, late nights. I've got to get some sleep.

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