Sunday, January 23, 2011


Probably only moms will understand how glad I am to have checked off the following 4 accomplishments from my mental "to do" list this weekend: Christmas stuff sorted and put back in the closet; socks matched (except, of course, for ALL the ones with no mates); hallway bathroom cleaned-even shined the mirror; checkbook balanced with bank statement.

Of course, more eternally significant was the sweet presence of the Lord in the service this morning led by our Youth group.

Could you who read this please read the very sweet note on my last post from a lady I don't even know who is helping to get the word out about our adoption. Perhaps you could bless her by visiting her blog as well.


  1. You have been busy!! We just matched all our socks too, it was a huge pile. I can understand being happy about all of those things, :o)

  2. I've just added Abby's button to my blog as well. God bless you.