Thursday, January 20, 2011

We have our plane tickets

Well, e-tickets, anyway!! It is so exciting to actually have the dates, times and even the requested seats on 4 of the 6 flights. This time I just booked using Travelocity on the internet. We have been so pleased with the services of Golden Rule in the past. This time, however--unlike our highly-unpredictable trips to Ukraine-- with the dates for our flights being quite set there didn't seem to be any need for the extra expense of refundable tickets. Yes, I know, there are a couple people who have been delayed even in Abby's birth-country (by that bizarre volcano in Iceland) I for one am sincerely hoping that there will be a severe lack of seismic activity while we are out of town.

I'm not so tickled that both departure and return flights require this kiddo to get up way before my alarm clock usually squeals. There was one possible flight that allowed a much more leisurely departure but it only showed thirty-something minutes between flights in Germany. Ack!! There was another that gave 7 hours in Germany and the thought of a little touristing was sparking my attention. However, a fellow adoptive-Mom (who DID take advantage of an 11-hour stopover to do some sight-seeing in that fair land) reminded me that it took her quite awhile to get OUT of the airport in the first place AND that a person is supposed to check in 3 hours before their next international flight. So . . . I guess I will have to be happy with just wandering around the airport shops.

Finally I wanted to share the sweet words of one of my sweet friends when I announced we'd be meeting Abby on Feb 14: The best news of the morning Joy!! A Valentine's day meeting with the little girl who holds your heart in her hands. :o)" Isn't that a wonderful way to say it!!


  1. Hello!! My name is Margie and I am an adoptive mom of five beautiful blessings! I read your profile on Reese's Rainbow and would like to "adopt" your family to advertise for you and, with God's help, help you get your precious daughter home. So I am putting your Reese's Rainbow profile on my blog along with your button. I'm not rich and I don't have a huge number of followers, but I do serve a big God. Hopefully, this will give you a little more exposure and more donations. God bless you!

  2. Joy!I`m so glad for you!I will continue to pray for you!