Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paperwork En Route for Apostilles/Today's Prayer

Wow! We ended up getting Kevin's new medical and psychological clearances clear back on Monday, I believe. Mine turned out to be a bit more of an issue for some reason. My doctor's office had called me on Tuesday saying I'd left two of the same form there on Monday (I'm pretty sure that wasn't true but the forms do look VERY, VERY similar) so I ran two more over, thinking she was probably going to sign them right away. Since I didn't hear anything on Wednesday morning, I checked back that afternoon and was told that not only were the forms NOT signed but that my doc had gone home for the day, would not be in on Thursday (holiday) but would have them first thing Friday. (I was so royally annoyed. I had wanted to personally drive all the documents to Boise on Friday for apostilles because the kids were out of school that day.) True to her word, however, I got a call about 9:30 Friday saying I could pick my forms up. There was a little boo-boo on a date so I ran it back over to the Dr's office and easily got it fixed. I then got a bunch of stuff photo-copied and Faxed to Carla from About A Child.

I'd received the updated local police clearances on Wednesday. THAT part was easy--smile.

Kevin and I had tentatively planned to get everything notarized at a bank Friday afternoon but we both ran out of time. But today a lady Kevin knows from work agreed to help us out. So I took the pile of papers over to Murtaugh, got my frozen husband off the tractor/mower he was driving and we headed to the school where the notary so sweetly met us. I think it took about an hour to do all the signatures, cover sheets, etc. (We had to re-do all documents that mentioned Kevin's passport info since he got it renewed, re-do the medical documents that we'd just had updated, do for the first time the I-800A form--YAY--some cover sheets and the actual Adoption Contract that couldn't be completed until all the other documents were gathered. While in her office, I checked my list twice to make sure we had completed EVERYTHING. I drove home, got all the papers organized, picked up 3 boys and headed to Twin--first to Office Max to make copies of all the new documents. It was 3:57 when I got back in the Suburban and I thought pkg pickup was at 4:00. Thankfully the post office was only about a block away. I buzzed over there and instructed Billy to get the little boys out of the car while I ran on in. I had to weigh the pkg first so I'd know how much postage to put on. I was relieved to see that on Saturdays packages weren't picked up until 5:30. I got all the documents stuffed neatly into the envelope; made sure my letter indicating which East European country we were adopting from, my SASE and my check were enclosed; licked and clasped the opening; took a picture; and let Billy put the envelope in the drop. Our paper baby is en route to Boise Secretary of State for apostilles.

Day 29: Today, pray for mothers or fathers who might be having trouble caring for their children and feel they need to give them up or abandon them. Ask God to help them find support. Ask the Lord to meet their needs and give them the resources to be able to take care of their children.

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