Sunday, November 7, 2010

Abby Update--approval letter and medicals

We DID get the official approval letter from USCIS on Friday. I went to Harvey's and photo-copied our medical letters, then took those copies along with blank forms to our respective doctor's. Thankfully, Kevin's doc has agreed to update the forms without requiring another physical exam--they are to be ready next Friday. My doctor wasn't in so I guess I'll find out on Monday whether I will have to be seen again. I hope not. Both of us just had our physicals with resulting medical letters completed in July but for Abby's country they expire every 6 months. We were encouraged by our adoption agency to get them renewed again now just before submitting our dossier. Hopefully we'll have Abby home before we have to renew them again--please God.

It feels like this road has already been so very long. There are several people on Reece's Rainbow who committed to their children AFTER we committed to Abby and have long since submitted their dossiers. Some may already have their children (from another Eastern European country) home . I don't know why it always seems to take us so much time to compile our paperwork. I have to remind myself that adoption is not a competition to see who can get it done in the least amount of time. We each have our unique set of circumstances and snags. We all just need to faithfully "keep going"--we keep running on the course that is set before US. We will receive the prize if we don't get discouraged and if we don't give up.

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  1. HUgs Joy, we are the take longer variety too, and it does feel bad to see everyone with their new children when you aren't. Your time is coming fast. Aaying prayers you get there fast!