Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 35--40 Day Prayer Guide for Orphan Care/Little update

Today, ask the Lord to encourage and strengthen your church. Caring for orphans and changing attitudes and beliefs and actions is tough work and the enemy is bound to attack. Ask for protection for your pastor, his family, their health, and their ministry. Ask for God's hand of blessing on their lives.

On the adoption front, the lady carrying our dossier documents has made it safely to a certain eastern European country. Her flight was delayed one day due to weather.

Speaking of weather, we have had SNOW and very cold weather here. The schools were closed yesterday as well as some roads. Kevin has not gone in to work yet (it is noon) because the UPS Freight main terminal in Salt Lake City closed down around noon yesterday -- meaning no freight was moved to the local terminal for takeout and delivery. I don't know whether he'll get called in later or not. Right now, he is very concerned about the possibility of water lines freezing over in Murtaugh since he does the water and waste water there. He spent several very chilly hours over there last night, part of them down in a man-hole. The snowplows had inadvertently scooped the cover off the man-hole and when the operator tried to replace it, the cover fell down in the hole. Good grief, the only time I spent outside was driving the car around the block so our neighbor on his snow plow could scoop into our driveway. I do NOT do cold weather.

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