Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Documents at the Secretary of State/Today's Prayer

According to the USPS tracking, our precious package was delivered very early this morning to the Idaho Secretary of State in Boise. I am really hoping those papers that represent "our new daughter" are on their way safely back to "mama" right now. Like I mentioned on Facebook, I now wish I would have invested the few extra dollars to have the package tracked on its return trip as well. There is no person alive who is worse at waiting than I am--well, maybe one person . . . . somewhere on the planet. . . anywhere? . . . . please . . . . . .

Oh, I forgot that this morning I went to Twin Falls and Faxed the rest of our documents to Carla. Immediately afterward, I climbed into the Suburban and "happened" to double-check the phone number on the form. YIPES!! The guy helping me Fax had accidentally punched a 9 instead of a 6--we had just transmitted all the info to the wrong recipient. Hopefully that person is an honest soul because I sure sent him/her a lot of personal information about us. Thankfully the 2nd time was a charm.

Today, please ask God to protect children affected by war and violent conflicts. Pray that the Lord will protect their vulnerable hearts and keep them safe. Pray that a church will reach out to them.


  1. Good morning,

    Thanks for asking :) I totally don't mind if you repost my post on orphans.

    Your family is absolutely beautiful!
    Have a very blessed day.