Wednesday, April 14, 2010

{Retro Post} Pinewood Derby Feb 13

Here are the eight McClain entries all lines up and ready to go down to the church for the Annual Pinewood Derby put on by our local Royal Ranger outpost. Left to right they belong to B, Kevin, T, S, ____, J, ___ and mine. The ___ are because I can't tell Caleb's and Steven's apart :)
Caleb and Steven were the only two entrants from the Rainbow Club. They race in the Junior Open Class.
S. and T. participated in the Senior Open Class.
B was in the Adventure Rangers division.
J raced with the Discovery Rangers.

Here's Steven showing off his second place ribbon.
Yours truly with my 'cross' car. I got first in show in the Senior Open division and 3rd in race. As you might guess, I'm the leader of our Rainbow club on Sunday evenings.
S got a red ribbon in both race and show. She spent quite a bit of time painting a Star of David on her car.
Caleb got first place in both race and show. He colored his car by hand.

Steven had two red ribbons--one each in race and show. He also did and personal coloring job on his car.

B was very pleased with his two ribbons.
J was kind of disappointed with his results but was a good sport about it. We later realized that Kevin had been so busy trying to get our cars to the right weight at the last minute that he'd forgotten to lubricate our wheels as planned.

T got a first place medal for race and 3rd place for show. She'd done quite a bit of intricate carving making pretty swirls on her car but they didn't show up well once it was painted.

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