Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My daughter's birthday party--April 9

Our oldest daughter turned 14 this year. She wanted to have an over-night slumber (ha!) party so we had to schedule the event for a Friday rather than the actual day. We were so pleased that 5 guests came--in addition to sister and brothers and grandparents, of course. The decorations had a luau theme. The games were from "A minute to win it" Sorry, I guess we are stuck on that but I think everyone that participated had a lot of fun. We did cards, cups, water bottles and M&M games. The party started at 7:00 and it had to be around 10:00 pm when we were serving ice cream. My parents were the only ones that weren't staying overnight.
S and guests waiting for the party to start.
Here's T waiting to try her hand at the card game: 4 Kings, 4 queens, 4 jacks, 4 aces, 4 10's and 5 chairs circled around the central table. You have to put each kind on its own chair one card at a time in a minute. I can't do it but several participants succeeded.

Below S is showing the card and some of the sweet gifts she received from her birth mother. This was the first package she wanted to open.

The next several photos are of the lovely clothing items she received from her Aunt Debbie. Thanks so much.

The hair do-dads and aeropostale shirt were from my parents which were about the only things on her birthday wish list.
I was so tickled that we were able to totally surprise her with a cell phone and minutes card. She was ecstatic and almost crying. I think she had given up on asking. I have been pretty hesitant about a cell phone but this is one where she is totally responsible for buying more minutes so it will not only be lots of fun for her but also provide good practice at budgeting, etc.
She got some of that wonderful "green spendable stuff" from Grandma Kathie and Uncle Ed.
She even go a coupon for some free food item--ice cream, pizza, I can't remember what?
Our last contest was a cake decorating contest where the girls were split into two teams and S was the judge. She wisely decided that she liked them both. Our kids have decided they like homemade cake better than store-bought which suits me fine.

Here's a birthday kiss from the birthday girl. You can see that Kevin in the background had tried to dress "tropical" to fit the luau decorations.

Here's the living room what seemed like SEVERAL hours later. Most of the guests were still holed up in S's room laughing and talking. T, B, and J were out in the living room watching a movie. I had to move the boys out of there so the rest of the girls could move in. In spite of the continued racket--or maybe because of it--I think the party was a success. And I must say the girls really tried to hold it down to a dull roar.

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