Friday, April 16, 2010

Christian Alliance for Orphans-Summit VI

Guess what! Kevin and I are planning to attend the CAFO Summit VI in Minneapolis later this month!! And we just received our approval for individual membership in this wonderful organization. I am so excited. As far as I understand it, this summit is a meeting of organizations, churches and individuals who are passionate about caring for orphans in their distress. Besides the general sessions there are 6 different break-out times and during each of those break-outs a person has to select from a list of about 8 different sessions (close to 50 sessions offered). It was so hard to decide because ALL the classes sounded so beneficial. Some pertain particularly to adoption ministry, some to foster care ministry, some to overseas orphan ministry and some are required classes for people actually in the adoption process from a Hague country.

Here are the classes I signed up for:
1. Understanding childhood development of overseas orphans
2. Orphan permanency: How can we achieve it?
3. Church-based orphan ministry 101: Overview
4. Church-based orphan ministry 201: Foster care
5. Church-based orphan ministry 201: Adoption
6. Understanding HIV/AIDS and the orphan

Kevin signed up for:
1. Church-based orphan ministry 101
2. Church-based orphan ministry 201: Adoption
3. Engaging church leadership
4. Orphan care ministry where there is no local church presence
5. A theology of adoption and orphan care
6. The church as an alternative to the foster system

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