Wednesday, April 14, 2010

{Retro Post} Cute pictures of our boys

Caleb, Steven and Poppy (Joy's dad) all dressed up for Sunday School. Caleb and Steven LOVE to wear their vests and ties.

Here Steven was playing 'night-night' in the laundry basket. He has such a lovely smile but sometimes it is very hard to capture it on camera.
Here are Steven and Caleb who were innocently eating apples at the dining room table until one of their dish-washing sisters put a handful of bubbles on their heads. (How in the world did I get this different print color and underline?)Caleb and Steven are still very much enjoying their Woody and Buzz costumes from Halloween AND playing with Woody and Buzz T-O-Y's, uh 'action figures', uh 'child's playthings'--you know the story :)

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