Monday, October 22, 2012

Twin Falls County Fair~August 29, 2012

One of Billy's favorite places at the fair--the model train building; Caleb was enjoying the kids' version.

Billy's other favorite activity at the Fair--getting on the big machinery.

The Cabester
When we arrived at the fairgrounds somewhere between noon and 1:00 pm, we were disappointed to learn that the rides wouldn't be open until 5:00 pm (turned out to be more like 6:00 pm)  This gave us time to eat, go through exhibit buildings, watch a bear show and a police dog show, go into a building that had musical instruments from many countries, etc.  At 7:00 pm some of us went to an exhibition of Knights in the arena which James especially had looked forward to.  Afterwards we did lots of rides and eventually met up with Kevin who had come over after work.  It was well after midnight when we got back in our car to head home.

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