Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Caught Up!!~October 21, 2012

 Yesterday Abby and Steven put these puzzles together and are here being silly.
 Kevin, Billy and James spent time yesterday and today repairing the siding on our motor home. It had torn off on one of our last trips and with winter approaching Kevin didn't want to leave it unprotected.   My clever husband is using the sheeting that is made to surround tubs and showers and in the process saving us lots of moolah.

This morning our whole family went to church over in Hagerman because Pastor Tellez gave me the wonderful opportunity to talk to his congregation about Orphan Sunday.  I was able to leave posters, orphan care handouts, info about foster care as well as packages of rice there at the church.  Pastor Tellez said they will expand on my talk on November 4!!  Cool!!  We ate at the Snake River Grill, the same place Kevin and I had our first meal together after our wedding over 18 1/2 years ago.

This afternoon, the guys also repaired our roof where the nasty wind on the 16th had ripped shingles loose.  (James and I had missed the windstorm because we had gone to the Fellowship Meeting in Gooding.  The same wind mangled our trampoline and sent it sailing into the field behind our house.)
 And these pictures are the lower and upper portions of our lovely Teresa.
So to everyone who was worried that we had fallen off the face of the planet into some black hole in space . . . NOPE!  We are still here.

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