Sunday, October 21, 2012

Abby at Shriner's/Lagoon~July 19, 2012

 James and Abby standing in front of Shriner's Orthopedic in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This time Abby only needed a couple x-rays rather than the neck to sole films of her initial assessment.  Dr.  Hennessee so kindly took the time to answer my many questions and I left the appointment feeling like I had a much better grasp of Abby's cerebral palsy.  Dr. H. also mentioned that Abby's right leg being shorter than the left is actually a good thing--that way it does not drag.  We were also given the order for a new brace--or AFO as it is officially called.

 We traveled in our motor home and our campground was right outside the Lagoon.  We had fun watching people riding these crazy roller-coasters.  Believe it or not, Steven actually rode some of these crazy things the next day.  Abby, Caleb and me?  Not a chance :)

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