Sunday, January 29, 2012

{Retro} SeaLife Aquarium and LegoLand~Dec. 26, 2011

We headed down toward San Diego and saw this beautiful marina on the way.

I was amazed once again at the huge-ness of the ocean :)
Here's our crew in front of Sea Life Aquarium

Caleb, Steven and maybe even Abby would have been quite content to just stay in this room and build onto the Lego castle.

On our way out of the aquarium I snapped a couple shots of Steven next to Big-Tooth. Steven had been a bit of a turkey in here--pushing on one of the alarmed doors so that ALL the guests got to enjoy the very loud and annoying sound for what seemed like forever--until someone finally got it turned off. Back at the motel he had set off the fire alarm inside the elevator.

Now we are next door at Lego Land. Again these guys would have been happy to just stand here and squirt water. However, we knew dark was fast-approaching so tried to keep moving on.

The little kids and the big Lego Santa. Kevin and the big kids were going on a whole different set of rides.
There was a car ride here, too. Somehow I didn't get a picture of Abby--but she actually liked this one better than Disney Land because she got to drive all by herself.

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