Sunday, January 29, 2012

{Retro} December 25, 2011

We tried hard to go to church today. After all it's Sunday--and besides that it's CHRISTMAS SUNDAY. Because our church at home was having service at 11 am, I assumed that churches here would have a similar schedule--and we'd spotted a Calvary Chapel on our way to the motel. But no, they'd chosen to have extra early services--so were already well into the service when we arrived. Another fellowship that we eventually found was much the same. I still fell bad that we missed out. We had also thought of visiting the Crystal Cathedral but hadn't looked up directions for how to get there. Imagine our disappointment when we later learned it was actually quite near to our motel, but in the opposite direction from which we'd been hunting. So we did our own remembrance of Jesus in the car and then headed back to Disney Land.

We got lots of experience standing in long, long--did I mention LLOONNGG--lines. I had been told that I could probably get special passes for Caleb, Steven and Billy that would make our waits shorter--but honestly they did surprisingly well.

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