Saturday, January 28, 2012

{Retro} Kids' Christmas Program~December 18, 2011

Here are our kids Sunday morning before church: Abby, Teresa, Caleb, Scheri, James on couch; Billy on the back of the couch; Steven on the floor in front.

Getting ready for the annual Christmas pageant: Caleb was dressed as a cow

Steven was a tiger

Abby was chosen to be Mary
I thought I was going to be a Mama Sheep again with lots of little lambs. Instead I was a Mouse with a menagerie of wild and domesticated animals

Here are Mary and Joseph in the darkened auditorium
The whole cast on the stage

The teenagers did human video. In it Teresa and James were throwing snowballs at each other; Scheri was Mary and Billy was an angel.

After church, I grabbed pictures of the little kids in front of the poinsettias in the foyer. These three, of course are of Caleb. I was trying so hard to get him to look at me AND to smile AND to hold still.

These next two are Steven.

Two of Miss Abigail

And finally, one of all three together.
In the evening our church held its third annual Adult Christmas Dinner. Only 100 tickets are sold. Below is the table that Kevin and I hosted. We take our own china and centerpieces--the idea is to make it like having guests in our own home. The hosts serve the drinks; go to the kitchen and get the various courses and serve them to our guests, etc. Then afterwards we all go into the sanctuary for a Christmas "sing." It's a lot of work but a LOT of fun--and so beautiful to see the fellowship hall set up with so many different patterns of china and Christmas decor.

This is my Native American nativity set. I just love it. I purchased it MANY years ago when I lived in Texas.

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