Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving November 24, 2011

For the first time in our family history we had Thanksgiving Breakfast at my parents' house along with my brother and his wife. It was scheduled for 8:00 am -- so no sleeping in today. We had scrambled eggs with bacon, home-made pancakes and very rich home-made syrup, fruit cocktail & yogurt. Beverage choices were tomato juice, orange juice, milk and later, hot chocolate. I'd taken some miniature fruit strudels that had looked very yummy the night before. However, after that delicious syrup no one felt the need for additional sweets. This gave us a chance to spend time with Mark and Kim since they were going to be elsewhere for dinner. After breakfast Aunt Kim, Billy, James and Abby played Uno.

Kevin, Caleb, Billy, Steven, James and Teresa's arm.
My daddy and my brother

Of course, Thanksgiving Dinner was scheduled at 2:00 pm at our house. Scheri thought Abby should dress up like an Indian in honor of the First Thanksgiving. I thought she looked like Pocahontas.
Kevin and James had gotten into the kitchen about 7 am to get the turkey-bird and dressing ready. James was so psyched about helping and was very proud of his success.
I took this picture because it cracked me up--James had placed the spoons and forks on the table, Abby was doing the plates and then I asked Caleb to add knives. I thought it was hilarious that this place got TWO knives.

Here are Caleb and Steven munching down. I see that most of the pictures have a bit too much light but I really can't complain because we had that much sunshine coming in the big living room window.

Teresa had the most interesting seat--the big blue therapy ball.
Here are Aunt Beverly, Billy and the back of Mom's head.
Here's Abby enjoying her first Thanksgiving dinner.

This picture shows the tables lined up across our living room and dining room. Nobody ended up sitting at the little round table in the middle.
Zoe and Jael; Yancy and Peter are pictured below.

James and Mom. I don't know how I missed getting a picture of my Dad and Aunt Berta. We were also so pleased to have our neighbor and her son with us.

We had turkey and dressing; baked taters with choice of gravy or butter/sour cream; Caribbean mixed veggies; mom's marvelous candied squash; hamburger and bean soup; lasagna; rolls; deviled eggs; pickles, olives, cottage cheese. We had tons of deserts: pecan pie, raspberry pie, angel food cake, cinnamon rolls, apple crisp, cherry jello/pudding parfait, ice cream. I'm sure I'm forgetting something but I'm also sure that no one went away hungry.

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  1. :) Abby indeed always looked to me like Pocahontas, that's why I gave her my Pocahontas doll, so this actually cracks me up :) Lovely