Friday, November 25, 2011

{Retro Post} School; Jug-A-Thon--October 23

October 18 -- Abby with her back pack loaded full of school supplies (I ended up bringing the supplies back home with me at the teacher's request, since Abby isn't enrolled full-time)
On Sunday morning October 23 during Sunday School we had a Jug-A-Thon as a way to raise money to help drill a well in Africa. This is a Southern Idaho BGMC project this year. It was also part of our Orphan Sunday emphasis. Many, many thousands of children and adults die worldwide very day from preventable illnesses caused by dirty water. I wanted the students to get a little concept of how difficult and time-consuming it is to carry water-- so we had the participants to get people to sponsor them for how many jugs of water they were able to carry around our city park in the allotted time. We ended up with 26 walkers. Most were elementary age (with a few teenagers thrown in) but the youngest was 3 and the oldest--my Mom-- was 73. Several adults and teen-agers also helped tremendously with keeping track of laps, etc. We raised about $300 plus (hopefully) an increased awareness of the needs of others.

Here's mom and dad's trunkful of jugs-full of water.

Here are some of the kids getting lined up to receive their jugs. Abby is on the far left in the green/white striped sweater.Here are Caleb and Steven lugging their water.

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