Friday, November 25, 2011

{Retro Post}--Abby's 1st Day at school; New Glasses; Tid-Bits

Lego Creations Oct 6 and 10 by James and Billy

I laughingly took this picture just to prove that Caleb and Steven do indeed own several pairs of shoes--it's just that one or both of each pair are so often missing in action!!

James told me he found a live fish in the ditch out front. I still can't figure out how that is even possible but sure enough it (a carp, I was told) now resides in our fish tank with our turtle.

October 11--Abby sitting in the chair at The Eyecenter awaiting her new glasses.

Doesn't she look cute!!

Abby getting ready for her first day at school--October 11. She actually went just for the last 2 hours of the day--for recess, a fun class and English tutoring.

Here she is outside the 4th Grade class. Mrs. Day is her teacher--and I REALLY like Mrs. Day.
October 11 Steven and Caleb showing off their creativity.

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