Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today I was teasing Abby about being "Missy No-Kissy." She was laughing--and this afternoon she let me kiss her!! She also helped me straighten out Caleb's and Steven's drawers--and wanted me with her.

This afternoon I had a meeting at the school--for an addendum to Billy's IEP. He is starting a program called STRIVE this year and is very excited about "going to college" :) :) So we had to work on goals specific to that program rather than the classroom. I am hopeful that STRIVE will be a great fit for Billy because it deals so much with real life--food planning and preparation, shopping, money skills, cleaning, transportation, acquaintance with our local junior college, etc.

Oops! I never finished this post! One of our issues is that our local school has changed to a 4-day week while STRIVE is a 5-day program. One option was that he just attend 4 days a week; the STRIVE people weren't too thrilled with that choice because it would cheat Billy out of 20% of his program. But apparently our school isn't required to provide transportation on the Fridays. Also apparently the public bus transportation available previously has lost funding and a taxi would cost about $5 each way. $10 per Friday would add up over the course of a school year. Thankfully, my parents have volunteered to transport Billy on Friday mornings on their way to the gym and possibly Billy's DT will pick him up. Sounds good anyway.

Addendum: The school ended up providing transportation on Friday mornings since they already are transporting another student to the same place. PTL!!

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