Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Stuff

So many things have happened since I posted last. Some are fairly major. Some aren't--I just want to remember them.

I hope you see the humor in this and don't think it is terrible. Several days ago Abby had picked up a book and was pretending to read it in English. As I recall this one was just a regular book with no pictures. She was going through a list of words she knows--ending with these 2 lines: "Abby, shut the door" and "Shut up, Abby." Sorry, that just cracks me up.

She is truly a lovely little girl and wants to be helpful to Mom. She really likes to help with cooking, asks to rinse the dishes, likes to boss the little boys (smile) The funniest thing she's done is to sweep the gravel off our gravel drive-way!! Bless her heart! she was out there working so hard and with such obvious goodwill that for several days I just didn't have the heart to tell her that all those little rocks were in our driveway on purpose.

Last night when she went to bed, she was able to tell me "Abby little sad--Villi." I said, "I'm sorry" and was stroking her face and hair. She said, "It's OK" It really touched me that she was able to share her feelings--and that she WANTED to tell me how she felt. And this morning she put 6 English words together!

Important appointments:
*August 3 EEG
*August 5 Abby had an appointment with Shriner's hospital in SLC. The orthopedicdoc there doesn't feel that Club Foot is the correct diagnosis. She wonders if there is a neurological reason for her right leg being smaller and weaker.
*August 9, Dentist
*August 25, Met with pediatric neurologist in Boise to discuss diagnosis of epilepsy. His feeling is that since Abby has been seizure-free for such a long time (and is also on a relatively-low dose of her medicine) that we can probably discontinue the Trileptal. Her EEG does show some abnormal brain activity like is seen in a person who has seizures but apparently not everyone who has these abnormalities actually has seizures. However, he wants to see the results of the MRI tomorrow first. We will plan to see him again when he has clinic down in our area in a couple months. Mom went with Abby and I to Boise and we had a fun time at the Discovery Center in the afternoon. Abby and I went swimming at the motel salt-water pool. Grandma and Abby both enjoyed some ice cream. And then somewhat early to bed in anticipation of the sedated MRI scheduled for 7 am. Abby did great. The nurses were so sweet and tried to show her what was going on. I was so touched that they went the extra mile and actually got a Bulgarian interpreter on the speaker phone!! Abby went through the procedure fine, woke up fine but a little grouchy, got more ice cream for lunch (which of course she had no complaint about) and we were home by 1:30 pm.
*August 29 Abby went to Rehab systems and was fitted for a brace. They actually put a cast on her right lower leg, let it dry and then cut it off. The brace will be made from this form. She chose purple butterflies for the material her brace will be made of. We are supposed to get it in about 2 weeks.
*August 30 James and Teresa started their schooling with IDVA. Also that night James decided to try out for our football team--and he made it
*Sept 2--tonight--is Scheri's first night to cheer for the football game.


  1. Hi
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Your daughters are so beautiful and have pretty smiles. Your sons are handsome, and have cute shinning smiles. Abby is a courageous, strong and determined fighter. She is an inspirational hero, a brave warrior, and a smilen champ. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and I love it when people sign my guestbook.

  2. I was checking every day for the past 2 weeks and finally there was a post :) Everything sounds really good. Seems like Abby is doing pretty good! I went to the seaside with Vili, Mariana and 8 of the other kids from Abby's orphanage. We thought of Abby and spoke about her every single day. She is missed a lot by all caregivers and kids. Vili is sad about her too. Give her a big strong hug from all of us!

  3. Raia, thanks so much for telling me about the trip to the seaside. It is so sweet that everyone is remembering Abby so fondly. She really is doing OK.

  4. She is so sweet! I can relate to the missing of Bulgaria, my Pauly is only 4- no words, but he agonized leaving the orphanage.

  5. I saw your family on RR, and saw that you were bringing (or ad just brought) your child home. I am so happy to see you that you have been able to bring your child home!!!

    I am just starting a RR journey myself.