Monday, August 15, 2011

School Chat

Oh, I spent some time this morning talking to Mrs. Price, lead teacher at our elementary school. She said Abby can't join in on the English-learning program during summer school because it is funded by the Migrant Council (we have quite a population of children from Mexico whose parents travel working with agriculture) The ESL program during the school year is a whole different matter and she would, of course, be eligible for that. I told her that my issue is bonding/attaching with our family. That is even more vital than formal schooling right now. So we're looking into purchasing the Rosetta Stone program so she can work on English here. And Mrs. Price will check into some legal issues--thinking about possibly doing an hour or two in the classroom

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  1. so she's gonna be schooled at home for now as far as I understand? That's probably better for the beginning, true... once she knows a bit of English, she would be able to communicate with the children at school and would feel better as well :)