Monday, March 28, 2011

A Couple More Things

On March 17 we became the proud owners of a white 1995 Ford Clubwagon. This lovely vehicle has seating for 15 . . . count 'em . . . 15! It is easy to drive (except on today's snowy, slippery roads), the gas gauge and the windshield wipers actually work on all speeds, and it provides plenty of space for all of our kiddos including Abby. In fact, our 6 look pretty lonely rattling around in there.

On Saturday, March 19 -- which was unofficially the first day of Spring Break -- Scheri and I got to take Mr. Stevo over to the ER for a gash on the back of his head. The crazy thing is that no one really knows how he got it. I'd gone over to my Mom and Dad's and when I walked back in the house, Kevin was cooking, Scheri was washing dishes and Steven was huddled under a chair crying. Seconds later, Billy was running and hollering, "He's bleeding! He's bleeding!" Sure enough, he was but no one had heard or seen what happened. As best as we can guess he had fallen and caught his head on a sharp metal edge on the chair. Anyway, we washed it up, covered it up with a clean damp wash cloth, held it in place with a scarf and headed over to St. Luke's. They ended up just gluing the gash closed. I personally was glad there was no need for stitches or staples.

Saturday the 26th I got to send some funds via Money Gram for English tutoring for Abby.

And today school was back in session.


  1. English tutoring sounds wonderful. :) I know we wouldn't be able to put it to use for Paula, but maybe for a few of the others. I hope their area offers that. :)

    We too have a 15 passenger. The big white machine will not be big enough once all of ours get home though. We will have 17 kids when everyone arrives home. :)

  2. Amanda, I am so impressed with how interested the director is in Abby's transition. And since it's the same director . . . ?? Actually though, are all your kids in the same area or are they spread around?