Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update on the Adoption/Home Front

Well, we still don't have the addendum in our possession. I guess there was a mis-communication and apparently our caseworker thought I was still going to come and pick up the addendum from her office. So it didn't actually get mailed to Boise until last Tuesday. On Thursday I emailed the Boise office to give them a heads-up that the document was coming and got an automated response saying the office was closed for the rest of the week. So yesterday I emailed again: yes, we have the addendum but the person who needs to sign it is out of the office. Today, I emailed but got no response.

We did get Kevin's new passport yesterday (YES!) which means I need to re-do all the documents that had the old passport info on them. I'm glad I hadn't got them apostilled yet.

Also Carla from About A Child says she recommends that we go ahead and update our medicals before we submit our dossier since they will be expiring in January. I know this is wise advice but honestly right now I just feel worn out with trying and trying to get our paperwork done and feeling like I'm going backwards. Two weeks ago, I thought we just had 2 more papers to go; now I need about 8. Sorry, right now that feels like 8 million but I know my outlook will be brighter tomorrow because everyone who reads this is going to pray, right??

Since October 1 I've been home-schooling James. It's funny cuz my Yahoo ID is schoolmothe2 and I'd been thinking I really need to change that because it hasn't been accurate for some time. Well . . . . it fits again. Actually James is now enrolled with Idaho Virtual Academy which is an online Idaho public charter school but we've been using old Alpha-Omega curriculum for Bible, History and Science and one of the math textbooks our kids got while dumpster-diving at the school a few months ago while we've been waiting for our supplies. Yesterday we were able to access some of the preliminary how-to videos and today we actually used on-line stuff for French and Math. We already got all the computer equipment and tomorrow we are supposed to receive all our other "stuff"--textbooks, workbooks, and whatever else. I have used IDVA before. It is a LOT of work, you have to log in at least 5 hours of instruction daily and be making satisfactory progress in all the core subjects but I think it is EXCELLENT. You also take part in all state testing. It uses the K12 curriculum and William Bennett's name is closely associated with that--he's the one that does "Children's Book of Virtues", etc.

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  1. Ah, adoption paperwork blues, so sorry you are suffering from them, of course we will pray for you!

    Sounds like James attends the same school my girls do, AZVA is a k_12 school too. 5 hours sounds like a lot, but if you do things throughout the day, it comes easier, no way Meghan would sit for 5 hours at a time. Kara and AManda are just 2 hours a day.