Monday, October 11, 2010

Please consider donating to my friend Tammy

You can read her blog post from today:

We met Tammy at the Orphan Summit in Minneapolis this spring. She and I wore our Reece's Rainbow shirts the same day. I have so enjoyed following her adoption journey, and have been inspired by her words of faith in God and impressed by her endless fund-raising. She and her husband are scheduled to leave for Eastern Europe in just 11 days to adopt a sweetie named Mayah and still need about $10,000 dollars. AND to make the story even more exciting and to give God an even bigger chance to show off, they decided today to adopt a 2nd adorable little girl--Sveta-- while they're at it. While she lives in the same country, she lives in a totally different region. Completing this 2nd adoption will pretty much double their in-country expenses.

We know that God can do it--but we also know that He uses people--people like you and me. He could miraculously mint the money himself and just put it in their wallet BUT in his kindness he let's us mortals "help" so we can also share in the excitement when we see the end product--2 little girls safe and secure in their very own family.

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