Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Steven's Birthday

It's hard to believe that Steven Mikhyal is 8 years old. He came home from school with this cute birthday "crown" . . .
. . . a bag of treats . . .
. . . which he dumped on the couch and ate without further ado.

He also brought home a very cute Crayola sticker book. He tore open the package, removed every sticker one by one (some were ripped somewhat in the process)

and stuck every single one very methodically on the sea picture, totally unconcerned about placement :)
James, Abby, and Caleb gathered around the birthday boy.

Caleb and Abby

I honestly can't remember what Abby was doing in this picture. It looks like she's trying to catch something on her tongue.
Though Steven's birthday was actually on March 6, we couldn't celebrate it until the next evening after church (because of the first Republican Party caucus in Idaho being held on the 6th and because of Kevin's very long work-day.) But boy, on the 7th we had the place ready to PARTY!! Steven had chosen a cake with cars on it so I was tickled to find all kinds of "car" themed accessories at the Dollar Tree: plates, napkins, cups, hats, blowers. It was great! Scheri did a great job on the red streamers in the living room. We got it all set up and then headed to Bible Study/Youth Group.

As soon as church was over we hustled back to the house with Grandma and Grandpa in tow, uncovered the cake and tried to get the group shot. Steven absolutely refused to smile for some reason.

Then we went out to the living room for a couple rousing rounds of Musical Chairs.
Here are Scheri and Steven who was finally on present-unwrapping duty.

I could tell he really didn't know what to make of the wheels but he very cooperatively let me get a shot of them.
Next he opened a very nice Vtech V.Reader game called "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" from Aunt Debbie . . . .
. . . AND there was a $5 bill enclosed in a birthday card from Grandma Kathie, as well. Thanks!From Grandma and Grandpa (Johnson) he received this very cool marble race game.
I think he was trying here to show 8 fingers.

Got the sparkly candles installed and before I knew it, Steven had already got them blown out.

Sorry for the fuzzy view of Caleb but I had to grab at least a half-smile from Steven.

Almost all the kids were having a great time playing with Steven's marble maze race game after Scheri got it built. Thankfully, there were several pathways for the fistfuls of marbles that all the little kids kept dropping into it.

Steven's main gift from us was a 20" Storm bicycle. Here's Teresa holding him up on it in the kitchen.
My Mom and Dad should get the Good Sports of the Year award. They so faithfully attend birthday party after birthday party; Mom goes shopping with me; Dad sometimes gets a frantic call from me saying, "Dad, I'm running a little late; could you please go pick up the little kids at the grade school," they get roped into burgers and fries at the Arctic Circle and they just keep saying, "Yes."

March 10 was so sunny and spring-y. Since I had taken Abby to a birthday party and the big kids were all going later to a joint-youth group showing of the "Facing the Giants" movie, I decided Caleb, Steven and I should do something fun, too. So we headed to McDonald's where they climbed and climbed and climbed and ate their Chicken Nugget meals. I was so proud of them coming so nicely when it was finally time to go pick up Abby. By then there was a definite nip to the air.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVEN! I have such a soft spot for that adorable little boy!!