Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Lost Pictures: Cheerleading, Thanksgiving and More

Does anyone recall this sad story from last Fall -- our 'real' camera which was a gift from my Aunt Kathie --which I hadn't been using because I didn't think it worked right--was discovered to have a very minor issue: it merely needed new batteries!! :) :) So, pictures were happily taken--(including pictures of Scheri in her cheerleading uniform which had been requested numerous times by Auntie Kathie)--and then said camera immediately disappeared without a trace into the Black Hole.

Well guess what! A few weeks ago we were having one of those "Household Projects Get-Er-Done" days and what to our wondering eyes should appear but . . . the lost camera. It was on the shelf right where Kevin had thought he put it--just hidden farther back and disguised inside a small pinkish cloth case. So here are some pictures from last year.

Here's a photo of Abby and Scheri--taken by Scheri. My oldest and youngest daughters.

And the beautiful smile of Mr. Billy

And the photos of Scheri in her cheerleaing uniform. And now Aunt Kathie doesn't even need them because we had photos taken at K-Mart right before Christmas :) :)

Here's Caleb dressed up for Thanksgiving in his Native American costume and showing his artwork.
Steven showing his own costume--both boys made these outfits in school.
Now is this cute or what!

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