Saturday, February 11, 2012

{Retro Post} January 2, 2011

God is so good to us. We still have a house!! While we were gone, our neighbor/friend who was watching our home for us thankfully noticed a gas odor. Sure enough when the guy from the gas company came to check it out, our old stove was TOAST. Just imagine what could have happened if Tina had not been here?
So here's our purty new stove with our old microwave that Kevin was able to repair beside it.

All four of our boys bought light sabers at Disney Land. Here they are in way-too-much action.

Eating at Arctic Circle with Joy's parents. It seemed like forever since we'd been together. I am sooo glad this was not a back-to-work, back-to-school day.
Dad, Mom, James and Billy's arm.
Billy, Scheri and Teresa

The Cabe-ster. Yes Abby was there, too . . .

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