Monday, February 27, 2012


Statistics say that over 18,000,000 children are double orphans--meaning they have lost both mommy and daddy. In our day of global economics we hear numbers like millions, billions and even trillions thrown around so much that even I have almost no concept of how large a number 18,000,000 really is.

I knew that the kids in our children's church yesterday had no idea either. So I measured a grain of rice. That grain was merely 0.5 cm in length. Did you know that if you placed 18,000,000 grains of rice end to end you would form a line over 55 miles long!! I also measured a penny--and found it to be roughly 1 millimeter thick. Did you know that if you stacked 18,000,000 pennies you would have a pile reaching 11 MILES into the sky!! [By way of comparison, Wikipedia lists Mt. Everest at 29,029 feet which equals 5.5 miles]

Oh Jesus, capture our hearts for these precious children who are so much more valuable than rice or pennies.

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