Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm Caught Up!!

Billy did not want to be outdone by Teresa, so he made a display board of his own showing on one panel his beloved Boise Broncos and on the other panel some of his favorite singers.
Abby at the dentist just yesterday, February 10getting a fluoride treatment. She gave me a glare when I showed her this shot.
Scheri in front of the Dept of Motor Vehicles. She is starting Driver's Ed on Monday!

Yesterday was one of those crazy days. For some insane reason, I had scheduled dental appointments for 8 a.m. which meant we had to rise and shine at 6:30 a.m.--even earlier than on regular school days. That did not boost my mommy popularity. It was foggy and a bit slick and we didn't get out the door when we should have so we were 10- 15 minutes late--but I'd called to let them know we were indeed almost there. Scheri went first. Then James, Teresa and Abby also needed to be seen. (Billy was the only one who wasn't accompanying me--he headed to STRIVE as usual.) As soon as Scheri's dental exam was complete, I grabbed her along with Caleb and Steven and headed to the pediatrician's office for Scheri's medication follow-up. I waited for the doctor to nicely sign several prescriptions as well as a note for Billy's school. Then we all scooted back over to the dentist's office where Abby's exam was in progress. I got follow-up appointments scheduled for all those needing to return to have cavities repaired. BAH HUM BUG!

We all climbed back into the van and I noticed the gas gauge was on empty. So we stopped at Costco for a fill-up. I decided that was as cheap a place to eat as any so we all went in and everyone had cheese pizza except for Caleb who still wanted a hot dog. Back to the car we went. By this time it was something like 12:35 and I knew there was no sense in driving all the way home so we headed across town to the DMV. Scheri is supposed to start Driver's Ed on Monday so we had to get her learner's permit. So Scheri and I jumped out of the car and went in. The line in that place was crazy. Then we discovered we could not pay with debit card or check--only cash. So we hopped back into the car and down the street to the ATM machine at the bank. Got the $40 cuz I needed $21.50 and the ATM only gave money in $20 increments. OK, back to DMV, back to the long and extremely slowly-moving line. Then when it was finally our turn we of course had to show them all the legal documents showing that both Scheri and I were indeed who we said we were. She had to do a little vision test and get her picture taken. We both had to sign several papers and hear the explanation of the driving log, etc. By the time we got out of that place I was already almost late for Abby's 1:45 therapy appointments clear back across town near our dentist's office. I didn't have time to drop the 3 older kids at the library so just let them walk. Sure enough , by the time I got to the OT and PT appointment we were nearly 30 minutes late. Anyway, she got about 15 or 20 minutes of OT followed by her regular 45 minute session of PT. I'd kept Caleb and Steven with me because they can be a real handful for the other kids to handle. So Abby was done about 3:30 and we jumped back in the van to head back across town for the library. I started looking in the children's section--no kids; 2nd floor--no kids; 3rd floor--no kids. Back down to the children's section to start over. Thankfully this time I noticed there was a newly-added Teen Room--and there my kids were all reading away. WHEW! We drove through at Burger King for ice cream, dropped off prescriptions at our pharmacy, got a labeled medication bottle for Billy's school and finally headed home. It was 4:40 and I was totally exhausted. Sheesh, I could have flown clear across the Atlantic in that amount of time!!

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