Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jamaica pictures

Here's Kevin in our Hertz rental car at the Kingston airport. Notice that the steering wheel in on the right.
I got a big kick out of this first money exchange. For $100 US we got $8,500 Jamaican dollars!!!

Here's the 25th anniversary Thanksgiving service at New Life Assembly of God in Kingston on Nov 29. Pastor Robb in front enjoying the beautiful praise and worship music by the choir (all the choir members dressed in white for the special occasion.)

View from our balcony at the Knutsford Court in Kingston.

Yours truly on our balcony.

On our way to Ocho Rios we all stopped at a roadside fruit stand and Kaisers encouraged us to try the coconut water. The vendor chopped off just enough of the top with his machete to insert a straw.

The Silver Seas hotel in Ocho Rios--we were told it is the oldest hotel in the town. We loved it--quiet, kind of old-fashioned and right on the water.

Here's the view of the Caribbean from our balcony

The view from the veranda where we ate several of our meals.

Here's the boat (a catamaran) that our group rented for 4 hours. The 3 guys on board were great. We went sailing, snorkeling, swimming and got a little tour of the coast. Our group consisted of Erick and Joyce Kaiser (the founders of the New Life church and invited back for the occasion), their pastors from Idaho, Bruce and Stacy Murphy, their grandson and his wife, and Kevin and I. We had so much fun.

Here are Joyce and Erick Kaiser and Kevin
Here's Kevin with the breakfast that we tried a couple times: we'd get one order of French toast and sausage or bacon and another order of local fruit (bananas, oranges, papaya) and then split them so we each got some of both.

HMMMMM?? Who could this be?

Here are our kiddos in their Jamaica shirts: B (with eagle necklace), J (with Chicago Cubs cap), T and S (with their necklaces made by the Teen Challenge men) in back with Caleb and Steven in front (each with their bathtub puppet that we picked up in the airport on the way home.)

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