Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Sunday

Here are my parents in our church foyer on Sunday, Dec 20

Here we are in our Christmas shirts: T, me, B, S, Kevin, J with Caleb and Steven in front.

And another short of my parents

On Sunday evening we had the adult Christmas banquet in our newly decorated fellowship hall. I think we had 98 in attendance. Kevin and I were host/hostesses of our table of 8: we took our china for the table, filled glasses for our guests, went and got their plates of food and had a good time chatting. The menu was oriental with salad, 2 egg rolls, fried rice, shrimp, broccoli, and lovely chocolates for dessert. Then we all went in the sanctuary where the choir sang (including Kevin, S, and myself); my Mom, Dad and I did a group of songs; and several other numbers. It was a very nice evening. Last year we missed it because we were in Ukraine.

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