Monday, November 5, 2012

Orphan Sunday in Retrospect~Nov 5, 2012

Report on Orphan Sunday: 

We had an amazingly good seminar on Saturday using the "If You Were Mine" DVD's. It was attended by 4 family units actually interested in learning more about adoption. If you are from a big church or big city maybe "4" sounds small but for us it is HUGELY exciting. These people blessed me enormously just by attending. I think we all left with full tummies, crammed hea
ds, tired bum-bums and a desire to investigate the adoption option further. Interestingly enough in this relatively small group, there were folks interested in foster care adoption, domestic adoption, as well as international adoption! One lady left promising to look at the Reece's Rainbow site--especially interested in babies with Down syndrome.

During Sunday worship we showed the informational video regarding the "If You Were Mine" series! I had set up a big table in the foyer with rice/prayer folders for Orphan's table; the brochure "Ten Things Every Christian Can Do for the Orphan;" Christmas catalogs from World Vision and Samaritan's Purse; Prayer Guide: "40 Days of Prayer;" a few foster care DVD's from last year's event. Finally, I had made a poster of the ways the Assemblies of God is officially involved in orphan care and printed off 25 copies of the survey put out from the Assemblies of God regarding foster care (for people who don't have internet access.) I got all the rice handed out, as well as a few catalogs and brochures. But I think I was only able to give out ONE paper copy of the foster care survey (though I did hand out a few copies of the on-line link)--and that was to my Daddy. No, wait, I did give out one other copy to the lady who told me she didn't think people should be going to other countries to adopt but should adopt the children right here in the States. I told her, "Then THIS is for you--it is talking about foster care of our kids right here in the States."

So I guess the bottom line is: we've come a long way but we still have a long ways to go.

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