Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Busy Here

Last day of school: Steven with his teacher, Mrs. Shroeder- June 3
Caleb and his teacher, Miss Waterman- June 3
About a week after Memorial Day, Steven, Caleb and I went to pick up our flowers from the graves of Kevin's Dad and his Grandma Bryson. My Uncle Earl and cousin Dan are between.


I attended Ladies' Retreat June 10-12. On the Saturday afternoon, ladies could choose to ride the zip line for $10. Two ladies from our group decided to give it a try. (No, I was not one of them.)
Here's our group: Carol, Julie, Pat, Marlene, Shelly, Annie, Virginia, Ruth in back; Linda, myself, Anne in front.
We stopped at Red Robin on the way home
Here we are back at the church after unloading ourselves and all of our stuff out of the 15 passenger van.

The Wild West rides again: Caleb, Billy and Steven
Guests at James' birthday on June 8.

Here they are eating Little Caesar's pizza out on the trampoline.

James turned 13 this year!!
The guests competed in decorating James' cakes for him. Trust me, there was no shortage of frosting :)

We celebrated both Billy and Caleb's birthdays on June 17 and decorated in red, white and blue.

Unbelievable that Billy could possibly be 17!!

And Mr. Caleb is 7.

Billy, seated beside Grandma, showing off his Star Wars puzzle.
Billy is a huge Boise Bronco fan and was pretty happy with his new shirt and cap.
He thought new shoes were a terribly silly gift.
Unfortunately, the coupe was too small for Caleb and we had to take it back.
Caleb, seated beside Papa, was very tickled with his Toy Story movie. He also got squirt guns, a Toy Story puzzle, a shirt and Candyland game.

Caleb was happy to share his guns with Steven as long and he still had one for each hand.
Billy and Caleb.
The birthday boys with their guests: brothers, Steven and James, and Grandma and Papa who are such good sports and attend so many of our family 'things.'

Getting ready to blow out the candles.
Billy was absolutely tickled with his Action Bible. (He'd wanted one ever since James got one for HIS birthday.)
I'm so sorry for being so behind on this blog.

Good grief!! Here we've had Orphan Summit, Caleb and Steven's graduation from kindergarten, found out my niece and her family are going to Moldova as missionaries, celebrated James' birthday, attended Ladies' Retreat and tomorrow we're celebrating both Caleb's and Billy's birthdays. I've bought clothes for Abby and we have a travel itinerary. Today I made a bunch of phone calls and set up appointments for the kids' well-child checks, eye doc, dentist and some therapies. I have applied to Shriner's to check Abby over after she gets here. It's not like we haven't done anything around here--it's just that I don't have time to write about it.

And please don't forget we fly out on July 8 for Bulgaria. Prices on flights have doubled since February--from $900-plus to $1900-plus!! Sometimes I feel rather over-whelmed. I would so appreciate your prayers.


  1. i am sorry I can't help with $$ right now but I am praying that someone can.

  2. Oh, Maria that is just so sweet. Please know that prayer is what we need more than anything.

  3. check with we got tickets through them coming to $4,100 for 3 of us. best i could find, still expensive i know. Tell Maria I sent yu:)