Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A delay

I started this post on June 7, the date our court decree was to come into effect. But I never heard from Toni so I thought maybe something had gone wrong. As it turned out, she had indeed sent an email but for some reason I never received it.

She had written: "Hi Joy,

Sorry for the not so good news but we couldn't pick up the court decree today. Since the judge who granted the adoption is on a vacation, there is another one who is substituting her. The substitute was supposed to sign and certify the copies of the court decree so that we are able to pick them up today but she has hearings today and the court secretary said to go tomorrow to pick up the decree. Please, pray they will be ready tomorrow.

Toni "

The message on the 8th was:
"The court decree IS in effect now. I just called the court and they said the decree is ready for pick up. I am sending my mom who is also my attorney-assistant to pick it up later today and as soon as I have it in my hands, I will e-mail you with the travel dates."

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