Thursday, April 14, 2011

Filed with Ministry of Justice/4-letter word

Well I am assuming that all of our paperwork was filed today with the MOJ in AbbyLand. We need to get 2 signatures and then everything can be filed with the courts.

On a semi-somewhat-sorta-adoption related subject, I set up an appointment with my doctor for next week to discuss my options related to the FLASHING flashing FLASHING flashing (smile), AND to get my medical forms updated. These have to be updated every 6 months for Abby's country. We have already done it twice for this adoption and I had so hoped we wouldn't need yet another set. However, our current ones expire the beginning of May so . . . .

. . . . . So, I'm on a diet (laughing) Ya know how stepping on the scales is ALWAYS part of the visit, no matter WHAT in the world you are discussing??!! The problem is, I can't remember how much I weighed when I saw her last--just that she was very pleased that I had lost 6 pounds since the PREVIOUS time. My goal is to make sure I don't weigh any more than whatever that mysterious, unknown number was. Some ladies really watch their weight very closely while in our house we don't even have functional scales. I just always buy the same brand, same size of jeans: when they fit, I'm OK; when they get too, too snug then I need to cut carbs for awhile. Well, my britches were starting to get pretty tight so I guess it's a good thing this doctor's appointment has given me the necessary incentive to [diet] How I despise that 4-letter word ;)

On a serious note, could you please pray that my husband will get opportunity to set up a visit with his Dr. too?

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